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Kolokvij Instituta Ruđer Bošković


Prof.Dr. Igor Štagljar, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, (CCBR), Department of Biochemistry & Department of Medical Genetics and Microbiology University of Toronto, Toronto ON, Canada

Petak, 18. studeni 2005. u 14.00 sati, Predavaonica III krila, Institut Ruđer Bošković, Bijenička c. 54, Zagreb

Approximately one third of all predicted proteins in any living cell are localized in the membranes. Membrane proteins are involved in a wide range of essential cellular functions and, importantly, most pharmaceutical drugs developed today interfere with membrane proteins. For this reason, there is a strong demand from both academic researchers and biotech-pharma companies to gain further insight into pathways and interactions involving membrane proteins. However, the hydrophobic nature of membrane proteins often results in insoluble proteins which makes protein isolation difficult and therefore hinders the determination of protein complex composition and protein function. Previously, we have developed a yeast-based proteomic technology for the in vivo detection of membrane protein interactions, so-called membrane-based yeast two-hybrid (MbYTH) system. Our current effort is directed to the generation of a comprehensive protein interaction network of the selected yeast membrane proteins whose human homologs are involved in the onset of human diseases as well as the majority of the human G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). During my talk, I will report on the latest achievements on this project and will highlight the latest interaction and functional data.

Voditeljica IRB kolokvija: Prof.dr. G. Pifat-Mrzljak

(u 13.30 h početak druženja uz kavu i čaj)

Intervju sa Dr. Davorom Pavunom

U Vjesniku od nedjelje 11. siječnja 2004. objavljen je interview sa Dr. Davorom Pavunom. Interview možete pročitati u pdf formatu ovdje.

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